Neysa's Top 10 - Preserving our Parks and Open Spaces

“We are very fortunate to live in a community that values parks and open space. As a former Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission, I enjoyed working with my colleagues to ensure our parks continued to be a place for our residents to enjoy. In our recommendations to Council about the Community Center rebuild, I supported maintaining the soccer field, having dedicated and separate senior and teen centers, and also taking the opportunity to add more green space in Los Altos. When I am elected, I will continue to support preserving our parks and open space and look for opportunities to add more green space for our community.” - Neysa Fligor

Neysa cares about our parks.  Katie Heley agrees and that's why she is part of the "I'm With Neysa" movement! 

Join us in supporting Neysa today! #imwithneysa #voteneysa 

Why I support Neysa Fligor

  • “ I hired Neysa in 2006 because it was clear she had the leadership skills and energy to get things done.   She enjoys engaging and collaborating with others and approaches everything with enthusiasm and determination.  In the decade since, she has also developed the right kind of experience to be a highly effective public servant.  ”

    — Ann Ravel, Former County Counsel and Chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission

  • “I have worked for Hewlett Packard for a number of years and with many different attorneys. Working with Neysa is like a breath of fresh air. She is extremely collaborative, puts herself in the role of the person she is representing, but above all brings passion and an entirely new and innovative perspective to any project she is working on which helps all of us move forward with much more effective solutions.”

    — Malcolm Newlands, Director Strategic Partner Development, HP Inc.

  • “Neysa brings a spark of innovation and backs it up with a ton of elbow grease to make sure everything she touches gets done on time and ahead of expectations.   She's been a great addition to our team and is a true bridge builder.   Can't wait to see what she can do for her community.”

    — J. Stuart Patterson, Associate General Counsel, HP Inc.

  • “I have worked with Neysa on the Los Altos PARC Commission. Neysa has a collaborative, collegial style. She is great at rallying the team and moving everyone towards a solution. Her leadership style will be an asset to Los Altos City Council, and I support her whole heartedly!”

    — Pradeep Parmar, Commissioner, Los Altos Parks and Recreation Commission

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